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Every work of art has a history behind it and a story to tell.


It might be sociocultural, political, economic or personal. It might stand on its own or together with other exhibits in past shows or art collections of historic importance.


If you delve deep enough, you can often find one factor of overriding interest that involves the artist, the sitter, the collector, or the work’s provenance.


Whether singular or multiple, such factors augment our intrigue in a specific work of art.


As an art historian and exhibition curator, my job is to uncover that story. And bring it to life. 














Exhibition Picasso, de Chirico and Dalì: A Dialogue with Raphael, curated by B. Avanzi and V. Noel-Johnson, MART, Rovereto, 2 May - 29 August 2021

© MART, Rovereto

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